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historicalgal45 asked: How is everything going with your living situation and your earnings? How was your summer? Do you have a favorite bar? What is the best day that you ever had during your time in the 21st century?

Hello kind citizen!

My employment and financial situations are much improved. I am still working with a wonderful team of lawyers, and I’ve become quite efficient with my computer! I am typing at over 85 words per minute these days.

The summer in Chicago has been lovely. Not too warm, not too cold. I have been pleased while touring the different areas of the city that I have not seen before. There is always something new to discover! I recently went to Navy Pier and rode the large Ferris Wheel, which was quite a treat. I have also conceded to the fact that my clothing was a bit out of date, so I have been experimenting with different fashion styles. Thus far, short pants and footwear known as “flip-flops” are my favorite, as they are quite comfortable. 

I have been enjoying The Green Lady tavern as of late. They posses a very large beer collection. Craft beer is very different from the ale of my time, so it is quite a change of palate for me. 

The best day in the 21st century? Last month I decided to visit one of the beaches here. I was with some friends and we ate and drank in the sand while watching the sunset. Lake Michigan, despite the pollution, is quite beautiful. After that we watched the city light up as darkness covered the sky. Chicago is breathtaking.

Overall, I have been enjoying a quite lifestyle, meeting new friends, and enjoying the pleasures of 2014. I am even participating in a “Fantasy” football league this year! 

Thank you for checking in citizen. I hope you all are well. I do miss communicating with you all.

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In honor of it being the 4th of July, I think you should all watch this hilarious series about the Found Fathers being transported into modern times.

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buhbuhbetsey-deactivated2014050 asked: why did Hamilton make the calendar again?? also can i still get a copy(ゝ。∂)

When we were first time traveled to 2012, we were left to fend for ourselves and had no money. Before I was hired at Parker & Grey, Hamilton was offered $200 if he could convince us to pose for the calendar. We had no choice but to agree as we were so desperate for income. It was not my finest moment.

The calendar is available here:;jsessionid=76B039B9AFE97DA32628776E92D94873

Keep in mind the calendar is for the year 2012, so it is worthless at this point. However, something tells me you are not interested in the calendar to keep track of the dates…